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InDesign for Non-Designers


This is for anyone that needs to get up-to-speed with how InDesign works without requiring to use it in-depth on an ongoing basis.
Typical users might include an Internal Marketing Department needing to make edits to documents created externally by a designer.
We are happy to include design and typography fundamentals as part of the training if required.
[Half/One Day recommended]

Adobe InDesign Introduction


A thorough introduction to the major features of the application suitable for most users.
[One/Two days recommended]

Adobe InDesign Advanced


A thorough introduction to the more advanced features of the application suitable for more experienced users or those that have attended the Introduction course.
[One/Two days recommended]

Adobe InDesign for Designers


This course focuses more on the creative aspects of the application, including its typographical excellence, transparency and integration with Photoshop and Illustrator.
[One/Two days recommended]

Adobe InDesign for Editorial


Whilst InDesign’s most obvious strength may be its creative power, there are plenty of features to assist Editorial users.
This course includes essential techniques and shortcuts for navigating and editing the document.
[Half/One day recommended]

Adobe InDesign for Production


Focusing on key aspects such as output of transparency, PDF export and layer control, this course is certain to help provide reliable, predictable documents for print.
[Half/One day recommended]

Adobe DPS [Digital Publishing Suite]


Our training is based on the knowedge gained from producing our own Ampersands app, now approaching 30,000 downloads in more than 100 countries.
We’ve helped some of the UK’s largest companies migrate their magazines, newspapers and products to the iPad — please call us to discuss how we might do likewise for your company.

CS4 / CS5/ CS6 / CC / CC2015

Upgrade training

We offer a variety of courses to upgrade between the diffferent versions of the programs, which many people like to incorporate with Photoshop and Illustrator new feature overviews.
[Half/One day]

Training types

  • One-to-one Either as half-day or longer courses. Short, focussed effective in situ training on your specific documents if required.
  • Group training For maximum benefit we would ideally recommend training up to six persons per session but can cover more if circumstances require it. Ideal for instilling good working practices to a group – eg consistent use of styles and templates.
  • Seminar/presentation-style training Ideal for short, intensive sessions to get larger numbers of trainees up-to-speed on new features or specific aspects of software.
  • Workshop/Drop-in sessions The trainer is available onsite for users to book time slots to cover their specific requirements. Ideal for helping users at different levels answer specific questions or explore individual aspects of the programs.

Other services

  • Handholding/support Following the training we can be onsite to assist users in answering questions as they arise
  • Designing and writing help documentation
  • Learning internal systems for retraining Then developing a training program with supporting courseware and documentation
  • Developing and checking templates Creating and testing Styles, Master pages, Hyphenation and Justification settings, Swatches, Libraries, Snippets, Preflight Profiles etc.

Training also available for:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Fixed layout ePub
  • Design and typography fundamentals with InDesign
  • Keynote